MeetGregg emerges as the go-to referral networking partner for South Florida businesses

MeetGregg is helping businesses to meet up with right business partners through its state-of-the-art online business matching technology.


Press Release | 2021 – No more wasting time and money at expensive and exhausting random networking events for meeting potential business partners and collaborators. Florida-based online business matching platform, MeetGregg, assures a more convenient referral networking process through its cutting-edge matchmaking technology. The company matches member-businesses every month with various business owners and professionals so that both the parties can grow their referral network, leading to improved brand awareness and business growth.

In an exclusive interview, Omar Bendezu (Founder) from MeetGregg shared that they are driven by the mission to help business owners and professionals grow their business referral network that can eventually lead to sustainable business growth and long-lasting relationships.

“We do understand that building a solid business referral network could be a challenge in the contemporary cut-throat competition. Yes, there are networking events but they often charge expensive sign up fees and can be pretty exhausting at times. There is no guarantee that you would get to meet the right business partner or collaborator in your next networking event. This is where MeetGregg comes to help”, stated Omar Bendezu. 

“MeetGregg has been launched with the vision to bridge the gap between business  owners and the potential partners they are looking for in other entrepreneurs or industry professionals. What makes us different is that we are backed by an advanced technology that will connect you with your right business match online. This way, you are relieved of the unwanted guesswork of whether or not you will find your prospective business ally in the next networking event.”



Unlike other expensive networking events or portals, MeetGregg does not charge a penny for sign up. It’s free to register with the MeetGregg website. Upon registration, the company will set the user up for an online meeting with other local business professionals. Member-businesses can meet online for one-on-one meets or small group meetings with other business professionals.

While asked how they manage to find the “right” networking match for member businesses, Omar Bendezu emphasized on their customized approach. MeetGregg takes into account various parameters before finding the most compatible business partner match.

“We always follow a tailored approach when it comes to finding the right business partner for our member businesses. We take into account our users’ locations, trade, industry, and interests to connect them with prospective business allies with similar interests and business goals. Every entrepreneur comes with his/her unique needs and expectations while looking for a potential business match. A generic approach won’t be effective here to get you in touch with a like-minded collaborator or referral network. Thus, we have adopted a smarter customized approach that enables us to connect with exactly those matches that you have been looking for. We will help you to create strategic alliances and referrals to amp up your local network.” 

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